25 lipca 2013

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures - Rene's Elven Bases Review

Lately there are lots of activities at Scibor Monstrous Miniatures. I think it’s almost like a bee or ants hive there. There are a lot of new lines of products, new paint jobs galleries and tons more of good stuff, and among that miniatures' treasure trove there are  accessories inspired by Elven motives, created by Rene's.

Rene’s minis are unique and distinctive in their style. I’ve got a chance to lay my eyes and hands on one set of small rectangular bases and one bigger round base. Off course that’s not all of Rene’s works, currently you can find elven products in multiple departments of Scibor’s store, including Bases, Decorated Plates, Basing Kits, Battlefield Terrain and more.

For me Rene’s works are a real treat and in time for current editions of Warhammer Hight Elves and Warhammer 40.000 Eldar armies. If you are a collector of Elven armies those battle bases (and most of Rene’s accessories) will fit neatly in your army plan.

The moment I’ve got my hands on Elven Skylight Mirror square 20mm bases I knew I was going to love them. You can see how much attention was paid to small details such as runes and elven patterns carved on the surface of each base. Such detailed work really helps to make them more convincing as “relics” and particularly pleasing for collectors' taste (and the price is not high, its only five euros).

You can see that at some point in the past those base surfaces used to be flat and highly decorated or engraved. In time erosion or environment and other external forces destroyed those beautiful patterns and left them shattered and in ruins as you can see them now. Still you can see the glamour behind that broken, ancient stones.

Most of designs that adorn Elven Skylight Mirror square 20mm bases are reoccurring themes in Rene’s works. You can find similar patterns on other bases or decorated plates. This creates a feeling of unity, one common and shared culture. Those accessories fit and complement each other perfectly. 

Among the shattered reliefs, lines and curves a large gem protrudes here and there (something like gems or oval stones appears on two of nine bases and a smaller one on two more). Despite ornamentations and cracks in the surface those battle bases are still flat enough to easily place a miniature, which is  important. I’ve often seen lots of really cool-looking bases, only to later determine that I have no easy way of putting my  model on top of it. 

The second product I’ve acquired is SF Elven 60mm round base (to be exact SF Elven 60mm round baseBREL0116) and that’s a real beauty. While previously described bases are flat and square-shaped, this product has a round shape. Reliefs and damaged statue parts protrude and extend in all directions, making it not a simple battle base, but a little diorama.

SF Elven 60mm round base has three distinctive levels, the first of which is the biggest flat surface, the easiest place for gluing miniatures, the second one is slightly higher, cracked and rounded elevation. This part of the base is very elaborate and it bears markings of passage of time. It is uneven, but still flat enough to put a  model on it. The Third level is the highest, the most visually significant part of this battle base, it has form of a huge head of a destroyed elven like sculpture.

The Partially degraded visage of the noble elf with a sharp and long helmet is sad and tranquil, its eyes are closed like ina millennia-long slumber. This is the highest point of the base and can be used for positioning of particularly dynamically-posed character or a flying miniature (at the top end of the stone helmet). Adding to all that is the earth and small stones that cover parts of the Elven base. Thanks to that you do not have to glue sand or other stuff to make earth/dirt effect, it’s already here.

It is a really  good looking battle base and it has been created with attention to small details, which helps to distinguish it from other accessories and models. As for quality, it is as always very good. I think there are some miscasts,At the bottom parts of the stone head  but it’s really hard to determine if it is an error or a deliberate attempt of recalling an eroded stone surface.

I will proudly display those accessories in my collection and I hope I will be able to get my claws on more Scibors products in the future.  

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