14 września 2013

Big Fat Uncle from Scibor Monstrous Miniatires - review

Today again we will emerge ourselves in the fantastic world of Scibor Monstrous Miniatures. Lately there is a great rush of miniatures from Scibor fantasy department, one we will review today is not newest but it still deserve our attention.

Big Fat Uncle is an awesome great demon and when I say great I mean enormous, gigantic and massive. It measures over 80mm from the base to the top, over 60 mm in diameter and comes in 3 main parts, so assembly is very simple. What we get after gluing and trimming any miscasts is a very unique model that is as much beautiful sculpture work as intentionally ugly.

Demon body is heavily mutated by warped and wicked powers of Chaos. It gives an impression of sluggish behemoth covered in slime and sores. In my mind it bears resemblance to Great Unclean One and plague demons of Nurgle, off course not intently. You can easily use this miniature in every Chaos/Demon army or collection, either fantasy or science fiction in nature.

A main portion of this model is a massive body containing mutilated torso, grotesque arms and legs, mutated head and really disturbing back. From the top, its head is low almost at the level of shoulders and its open mouth reach as far as to the middle of the chest. In the wide gap we can clearly see rows of discussing teeth and meaty inside of the demons mouth.

Above the mouth are oversized nostrils and sunken eyes with large wrinkles under it. When we look on its face we can fell a very really unease. T make matters more horrible head of the demon has one additional element that is separate, a big, curly, long and fat larva like tongue. You can almost see a toxic or corrosive saliva dripping from it. In short its head is wonderfully ugly.

When we take a closer look to a demon torso we can clearly see a disease, gluttony, mutations and chaos at work. Its fat and muscles are warped and oversized, its whole outline looks like a giant blob. From the shores and open wound a fluids are oozing, meet and intestines are pricing the sick layer of skin and coming open, and from multiples gaps in demons body human hands and heads are visible trying to reach out too free themselves or grab someone who will soon share their damned fate.

Its back is in similar state of decay but an upper part of its spine is clearly protruding from beneath rooting flesh. As this isn’t enough at the lower end of demon back there is something like… a big anus with fluids and partly dissolved human parts leaking from it, truly sickening sight.

Big Fat Uncle legs and arms are also fat and decayed and are mostly closely tight to demon body, We can see crocked toenails and fingernails, one leg is almost totally invisible under the mas of oversized body. Left hand is last part of this miniature and it has to be glued to the rest of the demons body. 

Scibor sculptured it in the process of gipping and squishing a life from some poor old human soul. What is cool is that in my opinion that person can be easily converted with parts form Warhammer (exchange of head and arms) to get more Battle of 40k experience. Either way on that pour persons face we can see a look of true despair and fear of someone that know that there are worse fate than simply death.

The whole Big Fat Uncle set is amazing in its details, seize and deliberate ugliness. In my opinion it is a really unique miniature and good challenge for yours painting skills. We got loot of surface, different “materials”(skin, bones, muscles, humans and other… demonic “stuff”). It  is not cheap model, but in my opinion it is totally worth the money.  Simply amazing.

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